Our Marketing Runs Through Our Web-Based CRM Software
Our web-based lead and sales management system is the CRM in which all the activity occurs, for both our agents and your company. You and your sales representatives will establish an account within our web-based system, where you can do everything from managing your own leads or tracking an Agent's performance down to every phone call, to managing the warm leads and scheduled appointments that that emerge from our Agent's work.
Marketing Setup
We initially prepare your company's CRM account in reference to your marketing strategy:
  • Consultation on what may be the best strategies overall
  • Market Data Q&A setup for market data tracking
  • Versatile Form Emails to send out to lead contacts
  • Versatile Appointment Confirmation Emails
  • Versatile Email-to-FAXs to send out thru our system
  • Official Lead Stages to mark where leads are at
  • Time windows on when Agents are able to call
  • ... and much more in optional details
  • All this is configured and changable within our CRM system

Lead Preparation
With the help of our lead brokerage partners, we aim to obtain lead lists that are best suited for your target markets. We upload different lead lists into our system on your behalf, and optionally give categorical labels to all leads in the particular list. This allows us to call leads of a specific category, as well as data tracking to see how different types of leads fared, beyond a mere list-by-list analysis.

Lead Generation and Cultivation
With the New Leads we gather from our partners, our Agents call on behalf of your company in an efficient, expediant manner through the help of our CRM system and VOIP phone techologies.

  • Our CRM system runs our Agents through a calling sequence, and prioritizes the leads based on lead stage, ranking, and other important characteristics.
  • This makes for the best use of time and efficiency.
  • Leads are recycled within our system, and cultivated so that no lead is left behind.
  • Agents cultivate many leads to fruition, for the purpose of sending them to your Sales Reps within our system, along with email notifications.
  • Agents can either book official Appointments or officially set a lead as Warm, meaning it's worthy of your Sales Rep's attention.
  • Your Sales Reps manage such leads, and even some of their own that they may have created. They can even put some of the leads on their desk back over to an Agent's desk for Virtual Secretary duties that they may see fit.
  • Your Sales Reps can have access to Open Warm Leads where the leads that are non-specific to particular Sales Rep are placed by Agents when it's time for a Sales Rep to contact them (self-acquiring).
  • Your Sales Reps keep their own separate notes & rating % associated with each lead
  • Your Sales Reps keep their own Sales Funnel of estimated revenue for each lead
  • Your Sales Reps organize and classify their leads by your company's Sale Stages
  • Your Sales Reps, with the optional usage of FreedomIQ VOIP Phones, can use Click-2-Call features within our system to make reaching their contacts an easier process

CRM Management
  • You gain access to actively view an individual Agent's lead contact management workspace
  • You gain access to copies of an individual Agent's call records, associated with the leads they contacted
  • You gain access to manage your Customer Accounts in-depth
  • Managers have full view of all the Sales Reps' lead management workspaces and Customer Accounts
  • Managers have access to create and modify their Sales Rep team(s)
  • Those with Total Management Access are able to modify much of the company's configurable options and attributes on their own
  • Those with Total Management Access are able to add or modify Form Emails and Appointment Confirmation Emails for an individual Sales Rep, or your business as a whole

CRM Data Analysis
  • Managers get a full breakdown of how your leads fared or are faring, by any combination of a Rep-by-Rep basis, list-by-list basis, category-by-category basis, and date-to-date basis.
  • You can see the pct(%) breakdown of different Market Data Q&A results in comparison
  • You can see the pct(%) breakdown of different Lead Stages in comparison
  • You can see how many calls it takes to reach a decision maker, create a Warm Lead, or book an Appointment, specific to any Sales Rep, Campaign, or lead list
  • You can see how the different lead lists are faring on a detailed basis, as time rolls on
  • You can see the detailed view of a specific Agents' activity on any particular day: How many calls they made, average talk time, pct(%) breakdown of Market Data Q&A and Lead Stages, along with how many Decision Makers they've reached, Appointments booked, and how much Work Time they've put in
  • An Agent does not claim their work hours
  • Agents' work hours are calculated by the system itself, based on the time-flow of their call records and performance, in a fair, structured manner

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