Simply put, what does The Newton Group do?
Essentially, two things:
  • We offer web-based CRM software that allows your company to market & manage leads, sales, and customers for your Sales Representatives.
  • We service your company with experienced sales associates, our Phone Agents, to work with your company within the system to handle inside-sales by way of cold calling and lead cultivation. This services your Sales Reps with the best of leads.

How much does it cost to use the software for our company?
It's FREE of charge if you are utilizing our Phone Agents with your company.

Can we use the software without utilizing your Phone Agents?
Yes you may, but there is a monthly fee per user of the system in the case where you are not utilizing our experienced hired associates.

Can we provide our own Phone Agents?
Yes, you may. However, their work hours are not tracked and call records not received, unless they are utilizing a FreedomIQ phone system by FreedomVoice. There is a monthly charge for having one's own Phone Agents in the system, and their accounts are managed by our company.

How much do you charge?
Two separate usage fees, depending on the situation:
  • A set hourly rate at competitive prices for our Agents' work time
  • For software-only use, a competitive monthly rate per user at your company

Our hourly rate depends on the level of telemarketing your company requires, as well as the average amount of hours per month that will be worked, and for how long.

The software-only monthly fee depends on how many users and for how long, and this can be assessed with one of our account executives.

Can you charge by-appointment or commission-only?
In the beginning, no. We charge strictly by the hour. However, we are open to risk-sharing possibilities once your company's results have come in, and through discussion we may come to an agreement upon which to consider commission-based pay.

How do we REALLY know how long a Phone Agent has worked?
Our Phone Agents do not claim hours. Work hours are calculated by the system itself. It reads the time-flow of their call records, and by analysis, gives a fair and accurate call on how long they worked on a particular day. Additionally, that's compared to a performance-based estimated timeline of how long it should have taken them to work. Therefore, if they worked longer than what was expected based on their performance, the amount of hours that day is their performance-based time expected. We make sure that the amount of work hours is fair and within expectations of what they did within the system and on the phone.

How many calls can we expect an Agent to make in one hour?
That really depends on your type of business approach and what type of businesses you're reaching out to. Reaching small businesses will result in more calls per hour than reaching the decision markers of big corporations. One would expect 20-30 calls per hour, in usual cases.

Does The Newton Group handle Inbound calling?
Yes, we can do inbound calling. However, in doing so, the calculation of work hours changes to fit the needs of an inbound caller. And also, to be fair to our clients, so does our pricing in this case.

With your CRM software, can we 'be on our own', managing every aspect without your assistance?
No, not entirely at this moment. Our company handles much of the core configuration for your company. When it comes to data-sensitive management, training would be highly advisable if you are to be configuring it on your own. As it stands right now, we handle all of the sensitive administration for you, to allow things to operate in a much more smooth and timely manner.

With your CRM software, can we add and manage our own Sales Reps?
Yes, absolutely.

With your CRM software, can our Sales Reps utilize Click-2-Call to increase efficiency?
Yes, if your Sales Reps utilize a FreedomIQ phone system. You can manage every aspect of your Sales Reps, and thier VOIP phone accounts.

With your CRM software, can we compare which leads are better than others?
Yes, absolutely. Here are just a few things you can compare:
  • Compare lead list provider vs lead list provider vs your own in-house leads
  • Compare how well some Sales Reps fare vs others
  • Compare how many calls it takes to get to reach a decision maker, down to any list or label
  • Compare how well leads do from one campaign to another
  • Compare how well leads do from one special label to another, regardless of list or campaign

How do I get to see what your CRM software is really like?
You may schedule a Webinar with our sales department, by sending an email to sales@newtonesa.com. We'd be happy to set you up with an online demonstration, and to answer any further questions.

You may also call 888.664.8199 to request one, as well.

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